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Vision & Mission

"To create a better world."

Throughout the years, I worked to bring the vision of peace in the world, through values-based business. I understood that if people would have financial freedom, it would contribute to their inner peace. If we build sustainably, it would bring peace to the planet. If we spark vitality in people, for a healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling life – this too will benefit people and the environment. And of course, an abundance of water and care towards the basic natural resources of us all.

This work and much more, was accomplished through the activities of several operational companies that were part of the Arison Group platform.

Our mission was realized through these companies and also through philanthropic endeavors that benefit people, economy, and the environment. Our mission continues, with new investments and ongoing philanthropic work aimed at creating added value for humanity.

In addition to all of my activities, I focus on giving inspiration, hope, and to resonate light and love.