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Shari Arison is named President of The Arison Foundation in Miami


Shari Arison moves back to Israel, and establishes The Arison Foundation’s operations in Israel


The foundation’s first large-scale project since it began its operations in Israel – The Arison Laboratoty for Human Brain Imaging, at the Weizmann Institute


The Arison family purchases Shikun & Binui, controlled jointly by Arison Investments and Shikun & Binui employees

Shari Arison founded Shargad to establish road-side restaurants and rest areas, receiving concession rights for the Movenpick restaurant chain, including a restaurant in Tel Aviv. The rest areas and restaurants were closed in 2006


Shari Arison begins vision work, out of which she then created the visions of all the companies and organizations at the Arison Group, which later founded The Doing Good Model

The first cornerstone is placed for the Ted Arison Medical Tower (Ichilov Hospital)

The controlling stake in Bank Hapoalim was sold to the Arison-Dankner Group, led by Ted Arison

Shari Arison is appointed a member of the board of directors at Bank Hapoalim, and serves in this capacity until 2003


Shari Arison establishes Matan- Investing in the Community,to create culture of giving in Israeli businesses community

The Arison School of Businesses is established at IDC Hezliya


Ted Arison passes away, and Shari Arison takes the reins to lead all the businesses in Israel


Shari Arison inaugurates the Arison Campus of Arts in Tel Aviv, which she built


Shari Arison establishes Essence of Life, aimed at raising awareness and providing tools of inner peace


The Ted Arison Family Foundation partners with the nonprofit Ruach Tova (Hebrew for Good Spirit), which it will adopt later, in 2007

The book A Journey in the Land of Light is published, written according to Shari Arison’s vision, followed by the play A Pearl of Light


Shari Arison receives Honorary Fellow of the Decade, from IDC Herzliya


Shari Arison establishes the Awareness Communication Center, at IDC Herzliya


Shari Arison becomes the controlling shareholder of Shikun & Binui, acquiring shares previously held by 441 Shikun & Binui employees

Shari Arison becomes the controlling shareholder of Bank Hapoalim, acquiring shares previously held by the Dankner family and its American partners

Shari Arison acquires control over Salt Industries, which she later transformed into a private company, changing its name to Salt of the Earth

Shari Arison launches Essence of Life Radio

Shari Arison establishes All One, aimed at creating a global conversation with the message of “we are all connected, all one”. The idea is that humanity at large will choose the future of us all, in all aspects of life: economy, health, education, security, and more

Photo: Sivan Farage

Shari Arison initiates Good Deeds Day in Israel. In 2011, the event goes international, with global participation across the world


Shari Arison launches Miya – a global water-efficiency company that she founded to realize the vision of securing the abundance of fresh water in the world

Photo: Sivan Farage


Shari Arison creates The Doing Good Model, which solidifies the many visions she has been developing since 1997 implemented in her businesses and philanthropic organizations

Shari Arison establishes Mahuti (Hebrew for My Essence) – the Essence of Life visitors center

Shari Arison publishes her first book Birth – When the Spiritual and the Material Come Together, which becomes an instant bestseller


Shari Arison receives the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) award for her contribution to promoting the economies of Israel and America


Shari Arison launches Goodnet – the social Internet initiative and gateway for Doing Good


Shari Arison publishes her book Activate Your Goodness, an instant global bestseller translated into numerous languages worldwide

Shari Arison is named Honorary Doctorate of Humane letters from George Mason University, for her work in advancing values-based business and philanthropy


Shari Arison publishes her art book Material for Thought


Shari Arison publishes her book The Doing Good Model, translated into many languages


Shari Arison publishes her children’s book A Day of Good Deeds, translated into many languages

Shari Arison receives the Knesset's (Israeli Parliament) annual Medal of Light (Itur Ha`or) for The Ted Arison Family Foundation’s contribution and commitment towards Holocaust survivors, and for Shari Arison’s activity within Israeli society for the benefit of the State of Israel


Shari Arison establishes the Doing Good Model company, aimed at implementing values at the core of businesses and organizations outside Arison Group


Led by Shari Arison, Arison Investments sells Shikun & Binui, in which she implemented the vision of Sustainability, to the Saidoff Group, after serving as its controlling shareholder for 22 years

Led by Shari Arison, Arison Investments sells some of its shares at Bank Hapoaliom, in which she led the vision of Financial freedom, and ceases to be the brank’s controlling shareholder after more than 22 years


Led by Shari Arison, Arison Investments sells Salt of the Earth, in which she led the vision of Vitality, to Fortissimo Capital

Led by Shari Arison, Arison Investments sells the global water company Miya, in which she led the vision of Abundance, to the global private equity group Bridgepoint

Shari Arison launches a new radio program on EoL Radio – The Path to Enlightenment and Inner Peace


Shari Arison explores opportunities in international businesses that bring added value for humanity