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In her public appearances on leading media outlets, in Israel and across the globe, Shari Arion shares her worldview and talks about the ventures that she initiated while leading the Arison Group activities worldwide.

photo: Eli Dassa 2023

Doing Good Out in the Field

a Day of Good Deeds with touching Images from Across Israel Sums Up Ynet

photo: Eli Dassa

photo: Eli Dassa 2022

Business Leads Volunteering

Businesswoman and philanthropist Shar Arison at the Business Leads Volunteering conferencehosted by the nonprofit Roach Tova of the Arison Group

photo: Eli Dassa

photo: Haim Zach 2022

Shari Arison initiated Good Deeds Day 16 years ago

Fox32 reports about a week-long celebration of service and giving back in Chicago, kicked-off on International Good Deeds Day 2022, held on April 4 worldwide. “People want to help,” and while volunteering may have changed over the last two years since the pandemic, engagement was…

photo: Haim Zach

photo: shutterstock 2022

Shari Arison, initiator of The Doing Good Model

“Every vision is like a cornerstone, and together we’ve got a building, we have a model”.

photo: shutterstock

Photo: Sivan Farag 2021

Shari Arison interview in the First-Ever Goodstock Conference

“It is always possible to do good and be good.” Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, the initiator of Good Deeds Day, in a special interview on Goodstock, the international conference drawing participants from more than 100 countries worldwide

Photo: Sivan Farag

Photo: Edmondo Lili 2015

Pope Honors Good Deeds Day

HH the Pope honored Good Deeds Day in his Sunday sermon: “I send my wishes to the numerous groups of volunteers that have united to show solidarity by doing good deeds that promote a better society.”

Photo: Edmondo Lili

Photo: Courtsey of Ruach Tova 2015

Good Deeds Day in Rome

The Italian TV Channel TGR TV reports about Good Deeds Day 2015. 61 countries celebrated Good Deeds Day 2015, a peak even of year-round Doing Good activities for the benefit of others.

Photo: Courtsey of Ruach Tova


Fox 26 News at 9 on Good Deeds Day

“We need it – the worldwide celebration that brings people together to volunteer their time and improve the lives of others,” said Fox 26 News at 9, in an interview with David Arison, son of Good Deeds Day initiator Shari Arison.


Connect to a Larger Vision

Helen Lerner of interviewed Shari Arison about her new publication Activate Your Goodness. Thinking deeply how to use her energy to do good, she initiated Good Deeds Day in 2007 and continues to find ways, in her book and through her businesses and philanthropic activities, to…


Fox 11 News: The Smallest Gesture Can Make the Biggest Difference

“Good Deeds Day has spread enormously, it started with a few thousand people and now we have hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in 50 countries.” Fox News interview Shari Arison, who initiated Good Deeds Day, which is one day each year for helping others.   


Fox 26: Encouraging Everyone to Help Others

Good Deeds Day has become the official holiday encouraging people to pay it forward and help others. Initiator, Shari Arison, says, “Even a small gesture can be a good deed.”


NASDAQ Honors Good Deeds Day

NASDAQ hosted Shari Arison for the trading day closing bell ceremony, in a grand kickoff event honoring International Good Deeds Day.


Shari Arison is Named Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by GMU

“Awareness and education shape our tomorrow,” said Shari Arison, as the keynote speaker at George Mason University’s 2013 winter graduation ceremony, where she was named Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. “By weaving values into the fabric of everyday life, the students of today can become…


Forbes Live: Shari Arison, Impact Investor and Philanthropist

Shari Arison speaks about her exceptional passion for doing good in the world, applying business and philanthropy as platforms for creating positive change.


Fox 11 Exclusive Interview with Shari Arison

“You do good, you help others, and in the process you change the world, one good deed at a time.” Fox 11 report about the simple idea behind Shari Arison’s global initiative Good Deeds Day, which is a peak even of year-round activities of good.


NBC 13 News at Noon Interview Shari Arison

Ahead of Good Deeds Day 2013, Shari Arison shared with NBC KCWY 13 News at Noon the inspiration that brought her to initiate Good Deeds Day in Israel in 2007. It sprang from the same idea she writes about in her latest publication Activate Your Goodness, and…


Fox 5 Live with Shari Arison

Shari Arison’s global initiative Good Deeds Day makes goodness spread around the world, and counters the old saying that “No good deed goes undone.” Fox 5 interview Shari Arison about the positive impact of even the smallest gesture of goodwill, and talk about her new…


Fox 2 with Shari Arison

Ahead of Good Deeds Day 2013, Shari Arison talks to Fox 2 about the idea that led her to initiate this annual celebration of good, held internationally every year in spring. A hug, a good word said to someone, or even a smile, are all…


Shari Arison on Huffington Post Live

Huffington Post Live discusses with Shari Arison how her new book Activate Your goodness is a practical guide for doing good. It shows readers how to make, and stick, to a plan that brings out the best in themselves and in others.

Photo: MOO-V Group 2013

NBC 10 News Talks Goodness with Shari Arison

Changing the world one good deed at a time, Shari Arison discussed with NBC 10 News her new book Activate Your Goodness, and her motto “Think good, speak good, do good.”

Photo: MOO-V Group

Photo: MOO-V Group 2013

ABC 13 News on Bestseller Activate your Goodness

Shari Arison discussed her new book and the power of doing good for one’s self, the community, and the country. “I truly believe that if we, all of us, start to think good, speak good and do good, we will have a critical mass of…

Photo: MOO-V Group


Shari Arison on Good Deeds Day 2012

Watch Shari Arison speak to the press about what Good Deeds Day is all about, and how it grew in just six years to include over 250,000 people that came out to do a good deed for the benefit of others.


Shari Arison is Ranked 64 on Forbes Most Powerful Women 2012

Shari Arison was ranked No. 64 on Forbes  World’s Most Powerful Women 2012, the only Israeli on the list. It is the second year in a row that Forbes includes Shari Arison in this prestigious ranking. Forbes interviewed Shari Arison, on what it had meant…


Good Deeds Day 2012

Shari Arison initiated Good Deeds Day to realize the simple idea that everyone can do something good for the benefit of others. The popularity of Good Deeds Day has grown to become an international tradition. In 2012, more than 250,000 people from all walks of…


Shari Arison Keynote Speech at the JFN

Shari Arison served as keynote speakers at the 2012 JFN Conference held in high gear in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Courtsey of Ruach Tova 2011

Footloose Goodness on Good Deeds Day

Watch hundreds join Shari Arison for a flash mob dance on Good Deeds Day 2011.

Photo: Courtsey of Ruach Tova


Building the Ted Arison Medical Tower

Hear Shari Arison describe her personal path that led her to create this benchmark-setting progressive medical tower, through The Ted Arison Family Foundation.


Shari Arison Speaks at the New York Stock Exchange

Shari Arison speaks about the economies of Israeli and American, on Israel Day at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


Shari Arison Honored with the AIFL Awards

Shari was honored the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) award for her contribution in promoting the economics of Israel and America.


Shari Arison Keynote Speach at the Israeli Leadership Council

Honored by the Israeli Leadership Council (ILC), in their grand fifth gala held in Los Angeles, ILC said of Shari Arison, “We are honored for your inspiration and outstanding work. The world is a better place with you and your help.”


Shari Arison Keynote Speech at the GA of the JFNA

At the General Assembly (GA) of the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA), Shari Arison was invited to speak about Tikun Olam (Talmudic phrase for repair of the world).


CNN Marketplace Middle East Interview Shari Arison

Shari Arison explains how she applies her philosophy that business has to bring an added value, besides the yields. Miya as an excellent example of this business sense.


Shari Arison Speech Upon Receiving the Humanitarian Award

Watch Shari Arison’s speech upon her receiving the Humanitarian Award from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.