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Good Deeds Day 2012

Shari Arison initiated Good Deeds Day to realize the simple idea that everyone can do something good for the benefit of others. The popularity of Good Deeds Day has grown to become an international tradition. In 2012, more than 250,000 people from all walks of life participated in Israel, with hundreds of thousands more worldwide all spreading goodness together.

  • Shari Arison interview in the First-Ever Goodstock Conference

    “It is always possible to do good and be good.” Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, the initiator of Good Deeds Day, in a special interview on Goodstock, the international conference drawing participants from more than 100 countries worldwide

  • Pope Honors Good Deeds Day

    HH the Pope honored Good Deeds Day in his Sunday sermon: “I send my wishes to the numerous groups of volunteers that have united to show solidarity by doing good deeds that promote a better society.”

  • Good Deeds Day in Rome

    The Italian TV Channel TGR TV reports about Good Deeds Day 2015. 61 countries celebrated Good Deeds Day 2015, a peak even of year-round Doing Good activities for the benefit of others.