On his radio program World Leaders & Thinkers "In their Own Words", Dr. Alvin interviewed Shari Arison about her latest bestseller The Doing Good Model

While her previous books were more general in describing how each person can activate their own individual goodness, this new guide brings readers practical ways for activating goodness within the realm of business. "When you lead with values and implement values in your business, and you think about people and the planet alongside profits, you end up profiting on all fronts," she says.

In this interview Shari Arison also explains that the Arison Group companies and organizations are united around the vision of Doing Good, so while they operate in diverse fields, they are all united in their goal to create positive change, and do this by implementing values at the core of any activity.

"You can really make a difference in the world with what ever vehicle you have, which you can make a difference through."

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