e-Jewish Philanthropy posted an article by Shlomit de Vries, CEO of The Ted Arison Family Foundation, which was established in Miami in 1986, began its operations in Israel in the early 90's lead by Shari Arison, and is now headed by Jason Arison.

De Vries, who for almost two decades has actively witnessed the Arison's family legacy of giving, discusses the foundation's operation and milestones, and introduces a unique standpoint on philanthropy form an Israeli perspective. De Vries highlights Shari Arison's contribution in creating a new culture of giving in Israel, based on the understanding that with wealth comes the responsibility to give back to the community out of a moral value and a moral obligation. She outlines the foundation's vision, which has not been altered since its inception, and emphasizes the importance of philanthropic partnerships for bringing about long-term essential social change.

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