Shari Arison's mission statement is to be a catalyst for bringing about positive change to people, society, the community and planet. Her wish is to inspire people to do good, and she is committed to showing that positive change is possible in all aspects of life.

Shari Arison views the potential and ability to influence as a privilege, a responsibility and an obligation. This sense of credibility motivates her to act as a perceptive partner, with clearly defined goals and a sense of purpose that foster care for our future generations and planet.

Leading the Arison Group, we operate in two channels, business and philanthropy, as complementary platforms for Doing Good. Our will to positively affect the world is effectively realized through both our financial and social investments.

In all of our fields of activity, business and philanthropic, we strive to lead and make a real and lasting difference. The three aspects – social, economic and environmental – guide us on our path, acting as a determining factor in our choice of investments and in the programs we support.

As an organization and as individuals, through setting a personal example, we strive to do good on all levels – the personal, the interpersonal, the organizational, the group, the regional and the world.

We aspire to be an inspiration to an ever-widening circle of businesses, organizations and people. Together, we and those who have joined us on our path, will lead the change towards creating a better world, for ourselves and for future generations, in Israel and throughout the world.


Arison investments

Arison Investments
Through Arison Investments, the business arm of the Arison Group headed by Chairman and CEO Efrat Peled, we can influence and bring about positive change on a global level, regardless of political and geographical borders.

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Jason at work

The Ted Arison Family Foundation
The philanthropic activity of the Ted Arison Family Foundation lead by Jason Arison, is our way of sharing with others the gift of giving, while being mindful of the needs of the community.

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