What is "Doing Good"?

Doing Good is a simple and universal vision. A vision to which each and every one of us can connect and contribute to its realisation. A vision based on the belief that by doing good deeds, positive thinking and affirmative choice of words, feelings and actions, we can enhance goodness in the world.

These past years have proven to us that old patterns can no longer suffice. Many of us are experiencing a phase of change, shedding outdated patterns and liberating ourselves from the old by moving on to the new. The year 2012 is an important one for mankind, a pivotal year. The potential for this exists in the mere fact that the majority of us are yearning for change. But in order for such change to actually take place, a critical mass of people is required, driven by the energy of goodness and candid goodwill for change, since only such an enormous quantity of people who think good, speak good and do good - can generate the essential change in the state of mankind as a whole.

But, in order to bring about such change, we must realise that maintaining old patterns is detrimental and cannot lead us towards the positive change to which we all aspire. As I see it, change should express itself in the creation of a new reality that emphasises the dominant values of unity, love, friendship, and compassion, and, most of all - the capacity for containment, encompassing the ability to accept ourselves and others, with our differences and uniquenesses.

Six years ago in Israel, I initiated Good Deeds Day. My initiative was based on my solid belief that each and every one of us can give of ourselves for the benefit of others, according to our own skills and abilities. Everyone can do a good deed and contribute to the community in which they live. All that is required for participating in Good Deeds Day is goodwill and the understanding that even smiling at someone is a good deed. The idea is simple and since it's easy to do a good deed, the circles grow and grow.

Over the years, Good Deeds Day has annually gained greater popularity, spreading beyond geographical boundaries to include many more countries worldwide. International Good Deeds Day has become a global annual tradition of giving. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the enormous response of people in Israel and around the globe who joined in to do a good deed for the benefit of others, and this year (2012) we anticipate that these circles will continue to grow as new communities join us.

Good Deeds Day serves as an example of how our world can look all year round, not only on a single day. If we adopt the Good Deeds Day values and its modes of action throughout the year, I am certain we can create that critical mass of people to bring about the essential change in our world.

For International Good Deeds Day 2012, upcoming on 25 March, I would like to invite each and every one to do a good deed benefitting the life of another, making someone else happy. You know, as well as I do too, that such a good deed will also improve your own life and will make you happy, knowing that you contributed to making our world a better place. Together, out of goodwill and faith in our ability, we can create a lasting and real change, for us and for our future generations.

This article was originally written for and posted on The Huffington Post