Shari Arison established The Ted Arison Family Foundation in Miami in 1981, together with her father, the late Ted Arison. It expresses the Arison family's inner moral edict of giving back to society and being deeply involved in the community. The foundation operates in the following key spheres: Education, Culture art, and sports, Children and youth, Disadvantaged populations, and Health.

In 1993, the foundation launched its activities in Israel under Shari Arison’s visionary management, and has since invested more than US$465 million (NIS 1.62 billion) in social causes in Israel and to over 1,700 organizations.

Giving is viewed by the foundation as a great privilege and a profound responsibility, with activities based on three Jewish values: charity, acts of loving kindness, and Tikun Olam (Hebrew phrase for repair of the world.) As one of the largest private family foundations in Israel, The Ted Arison Family Foundation annually invests in numerous local projects, nonprofits, and social organizations.

The foundation operates according to business models, and, in line with the Doing Good vision, it regards philanthropy as a long-term social investment created within a framework of a clear set of goals and criteria for action.

Originally dedicated to providing solutions to social needs and giving back to the community, the foundation has evolved to embrace strategic philanthropy and social investments under the leadership of Jason Arison, the Arison family's third generation.


Hospital Tower

Social investments
The Ted Arison Family Foundation operates to advance projects through grants, social investments, and vision ventures that improve lives and have a lasting positive impact on the community.

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CEO Jason Arison

Shari Arison's philanthropic vision
Aspiring to bring about essential social change, Shari Arison’s philanthropic vision is based on listening to the needs of the community and sharing with others the gift of giving.

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