Shari Arison values the capacity to give to the community as a unique privilege and a cherished responsibility. The Ted Arison Family Foundation’s worldview is rooted in three Jewish values: charity, acts of loving kindness and Tikun Olam (Hebrew phrase for repair of the world). Through long-term social investments and strategic philanthropy, the foundation aspires to create an improved social environment.

We take responsibility by striving to act as a role model in creating a better social environment based on fundamental human values. Our social investments improve the quality of life of individuals and organizations, and support public infrastructure programs based on our commitment to share, and on our privilege to give. By cultivating generosity, tolerance and involvement in the community, we generate meaningful long-lasting change that promotes positivity and enhances the local social environment.

Our first vision venture in Israel was establishing Matan, an organization encouraging the business sector to be socially involved in the communities where they operate (based on United Way). The foundation adopted Ruach Tova (Hebrew for Good Spirit), Israel’s leading provider of access to information about volunteerism. Its flagship project, Good Deeds Day, initiated by Shari Arison, is an annual international tradition of good where hundreds of thousands across the globe come out to do a good deed for others.

Through the foundation, Shari Arison initiated three additional vision ventures that promote social transformation: Essence of Life, dedicated to heightening awareness and providing tools to reach personal inner peace; IDC Awareness Communications Center, promoting a world of media that is more aware, responsible, values-led, and positive; and All One, an organization aimed at generating global conversations of a new reality fulfilling the message summed up as ”We are all connected. We are one.”

Shari Arison's latest vision venture is Goodnet, a gateway for Doing Good, connecting peoplem, organizations, and businesses, offering a direct path for finding the opportunity that best suits them for doing good.

Jason Arison, Chairman of The Ted Arsion Family Foundation, initiated the new vision venture Artport Tel-Aviv, a creative arena for emerging artists, the first of its kind in Israel.



The Ted arison family foundation


The Ted Arison Family Foundation
The philanthropic activity of The Ted Arison Family Foundation, led by Jason Arison, is our way of sharing with others the gift of giving, while being mindful of the needs of the community.

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Social investments

Social investments
The Ted Arison Family Foundation operates to advance projects through grants, social investments, and vision ventures that improve lives and have a lasting positive impact on the community.

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