Arison Investments believes that through business, it is possible to influence and bring about change on a global level, regardless of political and geographical borders. There is only one aim: the economy. If the global economy is healthier, more stable and more prosperous, it will affect the quality of life of all of us. Therefore, Shari Arison feels responsible and obligated to do everything in her power to apply a broad-ranging, long-term vision towards a world where we can work together for the benefit of us all.

As the owner of the Arison Group, Shari Arison directs its business arm, Arison Investments, to focus on values-based businesses, encouraging ventures that provide a response to the basic needs of large populations.

For 21 years, Arison Investments held the controlling stake at Bank Hapoalim. In November 2018, Shari Arison sold some of her shares at the bank, and ceased to be its controlling shareholder. Arison Investments was the owner of private subsidiary Salt of the Earth, until Shari Arison sold the company to Fortissimo Capital in January 2019. Shari Arison established Miya, an innovative water efficiency company that realizes the value of abundance by improving urban water distribution systems around the globe, bringing fresh water to millions more. Arison Investments was the owners of Shikun & Binui for 22 years. On August 6, 2018, the company was sold to the Saidoff Group.


Arison Investments

Arison Investments
Investing through a higher business consciousness, Arison Investments, headed by Chairman and CEO Efrat Peled, strategically sets the ground for a new business reality, choosing ventures that are morally responsible.

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