Shari Arison believes that through business, it is possible to influence and bring about change on a global level, regardless of political and geographical borders. There is only one aim: the economy. If the global economy is healthier, more stable and more prosperous, it will affect the quality of life of all of us. Therefore, Shari Arison feels responsible and obligated to do everything in her power to apply a broad-ranging, long-term vision towards a world where we can work together for the benefit of us all.

As owner of the Arison Group, Shari Arison directs its business arm, Arison Investments, to focus on values-based businesses, encouraging ventures that provide a response to the basic needs of large populations.

Investing in financial services, real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy and water management, Arison Investments has shown handsome financial returns while doing good for the environment and communities, in Israel and worldwide.

Arison Investments holds the controlling stake at Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s leading bank, that embraces a corporate social responsibility culture and offers customers Financial Freedom tools. It also controls Shikun & Binui, Israel’s leading infrastructure and real estate group, operating worldwide to set the industry standard for sustainable construction and environmentally conscious real estate  development. Arison Investments has invested in Salt of the Earth that realizes the value of vitality, and established Miya, an innovative water efficiency company that realizes the value of abundance by improving urban water distribution systems around the global, bringing fresh water to millions more.

Arison Investments
Investing through a higher business consciousness, Arison Investments, headed by Chirman and CEO Efrat Peled, strategically sets the ground for a new business reality, choosing ventures that are morally responsible.

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