Shari Arison was ranked No. 64 on Forbes  World's Most Powerful Women 2012, the only Israeli on the list. It is the second year in a row that Forbes includes Shari Arison in this prestigious ranking. On this occasion, Forbes' Jenna Goudreau interviewed Shari Arison on what it meant to take over the family business and create her own business and philanthropic group.

Shari Arison discusses how her spiritual beliefs which have shaped her Doing Good vision: "If we want to see a better world, we together have to create a better world."

She describes Arison Investments' water efficiency company, Miya, as an example of a values-based business she established that realizes the value of Abundance. Passing the message that anyone can do a good deed, Shari Arison also speaks of her unique initiative Good Deeds Day, an annual celebration of good that has grown internationally.

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Also, together with other Forbes contenders, Shari defines what power is to her