“Good Deeds Day, initiated nine years ago, is a day that does good deep in your heart. It is a day that connects between people of all ages, cultures, and religions,” Shari Arison said in her meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, in honor of Good Deeds Day.

Media outlets picked-up on their meeting, and reported about the encounter, as the first of many activities taking place across Rome and peaking on March 15, with a unique Good Deeds Day Fair in the Via dei Fori Imperiali leading up to the Colosseum, involving hundreds of local nonprofits (see pictures below).

This year, Good Deeds Day 2015 (celebrated March 24 in Israel) will actively engage more than 930,000 participants in 61 countries worldwide, including Italy, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, India, Panama, and more, who will give together more than 3 million hours of volunteering.

In their meeting, Shari Arison gave Pope Francis her latest book Activate Your Goodness in three languages, Italian, Spanish, and English, which became a New York Times bestseller, published in 48 countries, and translated into more than 17 languages including Arabic, French, German, and more.

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