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Upon Shari Arison's new book launch, Huffington Post Live discusses with her how Activate Your Goodness is a practical guide for doing good. It shows readers how to make, and stick, to a plan that brings out the best in themselves and in others. The book also describes how it has been a journey for her personally, facing life's challenges and remaining loyal to goodness. 

Renowned for her global values-led businesses and philanthropic activities, Shari Arison touches on what motivates her daily, to want to make the world better. She explains that every person can make change from within, in their own unique way, resonating outwards in ever widening circles. "Good deeds start at home," she says, in our communication, caring about people, in thinking good, speaking good and doing good. 

Out of her belief that people want to do, but need to be shown the way and offered opportunities, she initiated Good Deeds day and points at a survey that indicates four out of five adult Americans (82%) would definitely participate in a day out of the year dedicated to doing good deeds. She initiated Good Deeds Day, to show that doing good is simple, and can be anything that makes you happy.

One humanity, one planet, we are all connected, every body can do their part for our collective future.

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