Good News Broadcast interviewed Shari Arison about her latest bestseller, The Doing Good Model, which reflects the work the Arison Group is doing and demonstrates how any organization can be values-driven.

"The Doing Good Model is a model that's values-based," she says, "it's how you can implement values across the board in business and in philanthropy, and because we are so diverse in our scope of businesses, we're in finance, real estate, infrastructure, water, renewable energy, and salt, alongside the philanthropic endeavors, we can show practical tools in every field how to implement values."

The Doing Good Model shows how you can take very elated values that are traditionally considered unusual for business (such as Purity, Financial Freedom, Language and Communication, Vitality, Fulfillment) and implement them as business practices to make a difference and create positive change.

"Values are not a plaque on the wall," Shari Arison explains, "If you really want to create a change within an organization, it has to be practical, it has to be measured."

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