Ruach Tova (Good Spirit)

Ruach Tova (Hebrew for Good Spirit), was founded in 1996 by Irit Atsmon and additional partners, in 2002, Rafi Elul was nominated as Chairmen of the NGO and in 2003 it was adopted by the Ted Arison Family Foundation. Starting 2008, under the auspices of The Ted Arison Family foundation, Ruach Tova officially joined the Arison Group, a business and philanthropic group, led by business women and philanthropist, Shari Arison.

Ruach Tova, coordinators and promoters of volunteerism in Israel. Ruach Tova connects between individuals who want to volunteer and those in the Israeli community who seek volunteers. Individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and businesses in Israel, all turn to Ruach Tova, who also welcome visitors in Israel that want to volunteer as part of their stay.
The Good Deeds Day flagship project initiated by Shari Arison in 2007, is run and organized by Ruach Tova. Ahead of this day every year, thousands of unique projects are created across Israel and abroad, for every person who wants to participate and do a good deed for the benefit of others.

On Good Deeds Day 2014 some 550,000 Israelis participated, with tens of thousands more in 50 countries worldwide. Activities in Israel were organized under the framework of 8,000 projects for the community and environment, taking place in 260 local authorities and 116 Arab cities and villages, and involving cross-sectoral participation of nonprofits, academic institutions, youth organizations, schools, and businesses that together extended more than two million hourts of volunteering. Good Deeds Day, initiatied by Shari Arison, also serves as an important springboard for volunteering activtity throughout the year. (Adopted in 2003)

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