In a special interview with David Arison, VP of Global Relations at Miya, Latin Trade magazine asks how the business philosophy of Doing Good is Good Business is successfully applied to reduce water losses in Latin America's distribution systems.

Miya's partnership with WSC, the Bahamian water utility, has exceeded its targets already within two years, slashing water losses in half and achieving 24/7 water supply for all residents. On the onset of this 10-year mega-scale project, a significant performance-based component was added to the tender, and Miya also secured knowledge transfer and training for local employees to ensure targets remain sustainable well after project completion. In the framework of this project, Miya also ran a water efficiency awareness program at a local school, leading to 20% water-use reduction on campus and in student's homes.

Miya’s global projects led to savings of 800M liters (211M gallons) of water every day, and enable millions of people to be connected to reliable water service, while enhancing the financial and technological capacities of water utilities worldwide.

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