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Yielding strong financial performance alongside impactful added value to society, Arison Investments companies operate in more than 40 countries across 5 continents to realize Shari Arison’s values-driven corporate strategy. Click below to find out more about each company, or read about the Arison Group structure, of which Arison Investments is its business arm.


Arison Investments company: Miya

Arison Investments water company realizes the value of Abundance. In Miya's global water efficiency operations worldwide, it has saved millions of gallons of fresh water daily, and brought water to millions of residents for the first time.

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Salt of the Earth

Arison Investments company: Salt of the Earth

Israel's main producer of salt since 1922, operating to realize the value of Vitality. Serving the retail, industrial and agricultural markets, Salt of the Earth produces salt in a natural and clean process of solar vaporization of onshore sea-water pools.

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