This second year in a row, the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ) honored Good Deeds Day, as a global tradition that grows the good in the world, while also bridging between sectors and increasing the business community's involvement in society.

For Good Deeds Day 2015 David Arison was invited to close the trading day, and send out a call to action to people of all cultures and backgrounds to step out a do a good deed. A year earlier, Good Deeds Day 2014 was launched at the NASDAQ closing bell ceremony by Shari Arison.

"I believe that community engagement and involvement should be at the core essence of any business. Companies can leverage their business activity to bring added value in the communities in which they operate," said David Arison, VP of Global Business Relations at Miyarepresenting the Arison Group, son of Good Deeds Day initiator Shari Arison.

Accompanied by dozens of representatives from both social organizations and business companies, David Arison invite the corporate world to join and take active part on Good Deeds Day, raising the awareness to Doing Good.

David Arison at the NASDAQ in honor of Good Deeds Day 2015

David Arison and NASDAQ President Hans-Ole Jochumsen

This year, more than 930,000 people will participate on Good Deeds Day 2015 taking place in 61 countries across the globe, including Italy, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, India, Panama, and more. Good Deeds Day 2015 participants will give a total of more than 3 million hours of volunteering.

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