Listening to the needs of the community and committing to give with attentiveness to these needs, Shari Arison has touched the lives of millions through The Ted Arison Family Foundation's key milestone contributions.

As outline below, the foundation's milestone social investments in the area of infrastructure development and improvement grants, also include the advanced Ted Arison Medical Tower, state-of-the-art Lin and Ted Arison Conservatory, the Arison School of Business at IDCmemorial site at Latrun, and many more grand scale projects.

These milestone activities constitute the core of the foundation's work spanning two decades, and are complimented by the foundation's unique vision ventures and annual grant making process.

Jordan River Village

Jordan River Village

The Ted Arison Family Foundation contributed to the establishment of the Jordan River Village, a unique place in the Middle East where children of all nations, suffering form serious illnesses, can just be kids.

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The Ted Arison Medical Tower, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv

The Ted Arison Medical Tower

Out of the aspiration to bring added value to the community and society, the foundation made a grand-scale contribution for building this advanced hospital facility, setting a new benchmark for medical care in Israel.

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Arison Campus of the Arts, Tel Aviv

A leading school for the arts, through the foundation’s contribution of a new campus, and by Shari Arison’s involvement and personal overseeing of equipment selection.

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Yad Lashiryon Latrun, Ayalon Valley

The Foundation continues in the footsteps of Shari Arison's father, Ted Arison, who served in the Armored Corps during Israel’s War of Independence, and supported the establishment of this memorial site.

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