Material for Thought (January 2014), Shari Arison's art book, includes images of the many artworks she created over the years. The book is a journey through art, materials, senses, colors, and textures, and presents varied works in different artistic mediums.

In this book, which is her third publication, Shari Arison says that "Art can be anywhere and in anything," and adds that the goal and reason for the book is to try and reach the essence through the senses.

Shari Arison productively directs her creativity into business and philanthropy - creating visions, projects, and new initiatives. Yet, above all her significant achievements in these two realms, she reveals that a burning desire urged her to create in the simple and intimate sense: to sculpt, to draw, to photograph. "The moment in which I was able to touch deep inside and create through art, all of my work and everything that I do - writing, art, business or philanthropy - became a true joy, and what was good for me also became good for the surrounding and connected to my vision of Doing Good."

Material for Thought is a personal, private, intimate book that offers readers the opportunity to get to know themselves through the materials from which are is created. "We each need to choose the best way for our own selves, to get in touch with our essence and reach our authentic place. A place that brings joy, blessing, and beauty. It is a daily choice to be made and, for me, that is art," says Shari Arison in her book.

Her other publications, The Doing Good Model and Activate Your Goodness, were hailed bestseller.
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