With her simple yet passionate vision Doing Good, Shari Arison leads her businesses and philanthropic organizations worldwide, creating initiatives that encourages goodness on all levels of society and businesses worldwide, such as Good Deeds Day, and recently published her book Activate Your Goodness

In a long personal interview with WebTalk Radio, Shari Arison discusses her experience of how people get enthused by the passion of others, and doing good deeds for the benefit of others can positively impact the world at large, with more and more people wanting to join the circles of good. Connecting to values and doing something good for society and the planet transforms lives. All of the Arison Group businesses and organizations are committed to the vision of Doing Good.

"It starts with awareness, and then having the tools to care for yourself and care for others," and Activate Your Goodness is a practical guide of how to do good for yourself personally, and for others around you, to resonate to the world at large.

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