International Good Deeds Day 2018: 100 countries took part in thousands of projects dedicated to society and the environment

Good Deeds Day continues to expand its circles of good across the world, as the peak event of year-round activities for the benefit of others. This year, thousands of projects were held worldwide, involving millions of people.

On April 15, 100 countries across the globe including the U.S.A., Mexico, Ghana, Taiwan, Portugal, Uganda, Poland, Italy, Panama, Greece, and Argentina, participated in International Good Deeds Day 2018. Enthusiasm around this international day of good increases every year, with millions of people joining-in to do a good deed for the benefit of others. Good Deeds Day was also honored at the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony this fifth year consecutively, inviting the business sector to take active part too.

Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, initiator of Good Deeds Day, said: "All you need for being part of Good Deeds Day is the will to do good, and the desire to give of yourself for the benefit of others. Launched 12 years ago in Israel, Good Deeds Day has crossed borders to become an internationally unifying day, because of the simple idea behind it and the ability of each and every person to connect to it and take active part."

Here are some of the key activities that took place worldwide on Good Deeds Day 2018:

Rome, Italy: Good Deeds Day began one week ahead of its official date with the Rome Marathon and Good Deeds Day Fun Run, after which runners and volunteers gathered at an NGO fair held at the finish line. A week later, more than 100,000 volunteers participated in activities held by nonprofits across the city. Good Deeds Day received a medal of appreciation by the President of Italy.

Ghana: Over 5,000 local and international volunteers gathered in Accra to do good across the city, with special emphasis on education around irregular migration, violence, and community building.

Poland: Over 10 cities in Poland volunteered on Good Deeds Day 2018, including Warsaw and Krakow. Led by the local volunteer center of Krakow, Good Deeds Day is operated under the slogan Together for the Common Good. Hundreds participated in a wide variety of good deeds projects, which included planting gardens, renovating homes in need of repairs, learning about protecting cultural assets, and visiting hospital wards to spread joy.

Malawi: For the first time in Malawi, over 30 volunteer organizations came together to celebrate Good Deeds Day. The District Commissioner, Civil Society Network Chair, and District Health Officer have publically endorsed the day, and over 200 participants attended the main event held at a local hospital. Volunteers brought cheer to patients, while also refurbishing, painting, and renewing the building and its facilities, and collected toys for the pediatric ward.

Taiwan: Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local organizations, some 100,000 people participated in numerous activities, including park cleanup, Happy Night Run, CPR training, and blood donation.

Brazil: In Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, performances, entertainment, and diverse activities were held by several nonprofit organizations. Across Brazil, 100,000 people participated in 500 projects.

Mexico: Doing good activities were held across Mexico, including mega events in Mexico City, Jalisco, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and more, each hosting a variety of musical shows, and a fair that highlights the work of local nonprofits to the public.

The Caribbean: Five countries across the Caribbean Islands united together in doing good, by organizing dozens of projects under the theme Plant for Peace. This initiative sends a message of the importance of planting the right seeds in the minds of our youth and communities at large, as we seek viable avenues for creating and sustaining peace. Hundreds of people took part.

Costa Rica: Will go big this year with a mega-event on April 22 in San Jose, celebrating thousands of participants that will be doing good on Good Deeds Day, nationwide. Tens of thousands will enjoy an all-day concert, NGO fair, and activities planned to take place in La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the biggest urban park in Costa Rica. An ardent participant in Good Deeds Day for the last five years, Good Deeds Day 2018 in Costa Rica boasts a record high number of participants, media coverage, and reach.

USA: Good Deeds Day has reached all 50 states through partnerships established with organizations and nonprofits across the entire country. NBA Cares took to social media, sharing its encouragement and support of the day, while other notable organizations focused on volunteering, such as IAVE, Points of Light, and United Way who hosted projects that invited their networks to do a good deed in honor of Good Deeds Day.

Israel: In the country where Good Deeds Day first started, 2 million took part in this annual celebration of good that crosses all cultures, religions, and ages.