Essence of Life

Essence of Life is an organization aimed at raising awareness and providing tools for inner peace.

The organization was founded in 2001 by Shari Arison as part of the Arison Group, a business and philanthropic group, and it operates for the benefit of society as a non-for-profit entity.  Essene of Life operates in three channels:

Essence of Life Website – Offers daily inspirational articles from diverse content worlds, to raise curiosity and provide the knowledge and tools that can aid us all in attaining an aware, meaningful, and more satisfying life, while looking inwards and giving tools for inner peace.

Essence of Life Radio Station – Broadcasts music shows and programs 24 hours a day, as a positive, quality, and thought-provoking communications channel. The station offers listeners additional vantage points on everyday life issues from all aspects: music, current affairs, family, culture, and more.

Mahuti – An experiential center for the entire family, offering activities with added-value. A visit to Mahuti enables a unique experience focusing on enrichment, empowerment, and exposure to values through fun activity and enjoyment. The center offers a wide variety of activities for children, youth, adults, educational institutions, and organizational teams.

Essence of Life values, written by Shari Arison

  • When we will achieve peace with ourselves individually and with our surroundings – together we will reach world peace

  • We all are one – but every individual is unique

  • We are god's children and everyone has a divine spark

  • Everyone has virtues, e.g. love, compassion, tranquility, unity, purity, happiness, truth, light, power, knowledge, etc.

  • There is one source of power

  • Unity – we are parts of a greater whole. We come into the world as separate entities, where each one has his or her unique destiny and role. Therefore we should strive to be united

  • We all have the right and ability to reach internal happiness and peace of mind. We all have the free choice and the responsibility to influence our lives and create our reality

  • Our essence is love

  • We are souls and human beings

  • The universe provides us with an infinite number of ways and clues how to reach our essence, develop, grow up and get to know ourselves

  • One can observe, listen and know oneself

  • The experience of life is, in every given moment, the here and now – the present. Everything exists simultaneously

  • The power of thought creates reality

  • The individual reflects and is a reflection of the other

  • Every action has a reaction (the universal law of karma)

  • The world functions in circularity and is constantly changing (seasons, nights and days, birth and death)

  • We strive to achieve internal balance, body, mind, spirit and soul – in all the levels of our existence

  • We can learn to connect to our own virtues, thus comprehending and connecting to the ones of other individuals

  • We teach the other and learn from them simultaneously, in a continuous, infinite process

  • Everyone is responsible to strengthen the relations between the individual, the community and nature

  • We are all in a journey of remembrance whose purpose is to connect us to the essences of our souls and the understanding that all is one

  • A constant development and changes in our perceptions and growth bring about the change in our personal and collective awareness