"The Doing Good Model is built on a solid truth: that our definition of success must include well-being, not only for individuals but for the workplace."
Arianna Huffington

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Shari Arison's new book The Doing Good Model: Activate Your Goodness in Business (May 2015), is a guide to infusing your business with the power of Doing Good. It's also a call to action for business owners, leaders, and employees in all industries across the world to become agents for change. This sustainable values-based model can easily be implemented in any organization.

The Doing Good Model is a sustainable values-based model for positive creation worldwide, as a practical day-to-day tool for integrating values at the core of businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, and individuals, combining 13 fundamental human values for the benefit of society, economy, and ecology.

Led by Shari Arison, the model was developed by the Arison Group in partnership with a team from leading American universities Harvard, Thunderbird, George Mason, and Babson College. Through this collaboration, the model fuses the Arison Group’s practical hands-on experience with academic research and multidisciplinary study.

Implementation of The Doing Good Model has already begun internally at the Arison Group, as a simple and practical tool for integrating values in their core activities and routine decision making processes. As part of this ongoing process, cross-organizational forums were established to encourage active involvement at every level, by brainstorming ideas together, devising practical tools, and enhancing values-based activities worldwide.

In 2013, an Endowed Professor of Doing Good Values was established at George Mason University to collaborate and further research and mold The Doing Good Model into an accredited curriculum. In 2013, Shari Arison was named Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from George Mason University, acknowledging her work and the model that captures the approach of making a positive difference.


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