Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good . This motto is a simple one, and one that people from all walks of life can easily connect to. Activating one's goodness from within, resonates to the world at large.

Driven by the power of goodness, we can make extraordinary things happen. Each one of us holds the power to passionately embrace and actively engage in good. As more and more people choose to do good deeds for the benefit of others, concentrate on positive thoughts, and consciously use affirmative words while communicating with others, our collective acts of kindness create a critical mass of goodness, affecting people, society and the planet.

The change begins with each and every one of us individually. By focusing on good, we embark on a personal journey filled with opportunities, and can all find our place in life. Uplifted by the ability to really make a difference, first for ourselves and then in all aspects of life, we are empowered and can inspire others to join in too.

I believe that, given the opportunity, people want to do good and want to see good in the world. Throughout the world, people are united in our quest for a better life. We all want the same things – health, happiness, peace, a better world for our children. Positive change can be brought about for people, societies, and the plant, but it is something we each need to choose individually and collectively.

Because we share a stake in our collective future, it all really comes down to mutual responsibility. It is up to each and every one of us to care about ourselves, others and our planet. Everyone, from any background and all ages, can take active part in moving the tipping point to a world that is full of goodness. On Good Deeds Day, an annual celebration of giving held worldwide in March, hundreds of thousands come out to do a good deed for the benefit of others. The world on this day is closer to realizing the future we all want.

Because of the nature of goodness, which is more subtle, love, compassion, and kindness, values should serve as a compass in all we do. With this prism, we can allow good to grow within us and ripple out in ever expanding circles to affect the world at large. No matter the size of the gesture, be it a smile that brightens someone else's day or volunteering for a cause, as more and more people do their part in the way that is closest to their hearts, the circles of good grow in the world and we will see positive change taking place.

My life-long desire is to inspire people with to do good. I try to create positive change in everything that I do, having been privileged to operate through both business and philanthropy. My investments and social endeavors are centered on improving lives and take into consideration basic humane values as part of their mission statement.

To inspire people with the motto Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good, I recently published my new book Activate Your Goodness. Filled with personal stories and those of others from around the world, this book gives tools and lays out life-changing ways to engage in making a positive difference. We can all give of ourselves for the benefit of others, each one according to their own skill and abilities. When we do good, we feel good and are uplifted personally. Start with your own self, connect to your authentic goodwill and uniqueness, discover it and express it.

Our wish for a harmonious world begins and ends with doing good. If everyone chooses to come on board and consciously think good, speak good, and do good - just imagine the impact we will have!

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