A Day of Good Deeds (March 2016), is Shari Arison's fifth book, which she wrote especially for infants. It tells the story of one day in the lives of a girl and a boy, filled with good thoughts, good words, and, of course, good deeds too.

The idea that flows through the book is that if we think good, speak good, and do good - our world will look different.

Shari Arison, who dedicated this book to all children of the world, initiated Good Deeds Day, a day in which every person can step out to do a good deed, big or small, as their heart desires. Millions of people in Israel and across the globe are expected to be involved on Good Deeds Day 2016.

Shari Arison also created The Doing Good Model, a values-based model for positive creation worldwide. It serves as a practical day-to-day tool for integrating values at the core of businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals, combining 13 fundamental human values in any activity, for the benefit of society, economy, and ecology.

Businesswoman, philanthropist, and author Shari Arison is also a mother of four, and grandmother to four granddaughters. Her previous books were bestsellers, and translated into many languages.

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Some pages from the book: