David Arison describes the process in which The Doing Good Model evolved into the values-based compass that guides both the business and philanthropic arms of the Arison Group. "Through implementing vision and values in our organizations we try to make a little bit of change, and Miya is one of those companies."

In the podcast show It's Your Money and Your Life, David Arison discussed the importance of changing the mindset, explaining that the way we think about global challenges impacts the type of actions we would take. To realize the overarching vision of Doing Good, a specific value was placed at the core of each Arison Group organization, including established public companies, and employees across the board became engaged with creating best practices for values implementation.

With this values-based standpoint, Miya realizes the vision of ensuring the abundance of water, and instead of viewing global water issues through a scarcity lens, Miya focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of urban water distribution systems. "We believe that water as a whole, as a resource in the world - there is enough, but we need to manage it and use it in a much more efficient manner so that it can be sustainable for future generations."

In light of the extreme heat wave and 3-4 year drought experienced in California, he was asked to share some of Miya's success stories from around the world.

"We need to make sure that the resources that we have remain sustainable for future generations, by being responsible and being accountable in the type of action we take," David Arison added.

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