"Over time, once we get people more engaged with values, and prove to them how that translates into bottom line, into profitability, into integral growth, a lot more people get engaged," said David Arison in an interview with the Experience Pros Radio Show, when asked how values can be incorporated into the community and infused into businesses by owners and managers in the workforce.

David Arison, Member of the Board at Arison Investments and The Ted Arison Family Foundation, and VP of Global Business Relation at Miya, spoke about The Doing Good Model by Shari Arison and the Arison Group, and gave an example of a major-scale business tender that was won by practicing one of the model's values - Purity.

"We believe that if we incorporate these values into the day-to-day lives as human beings, then we can be better people, and, as organizations and businesses, we can provide better products and better services that create win-win situations, for ourselves and the companies, and more importantly for our clients and communities," he summed.

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