Shari Arison's book Activate Your Goodness - Transforming the World Through Doing Good, has been translated into more than 17 languages for publication in 48 countries, and can be purchased online in leading book stores.

Since this book was published, the circles have continued to expand, and on Good Deeds Day 2015 930,000 people in 61 countries worldwide took part in more than 11,000 projects and gave together more than three million hours of volunteering, with new partners coming on board that included numerous social organizations, businesses, academic institutions, media giants, and the NASDAQ.

English Activate Your Goodness (also available in audio)

French Activez votre Bonté

Spanish Activa Tu Bondad

Italian Manifesto per un Mondo Migliore

German Einfach Gutes tun

Swedish Gör Goda Gärningar

Japanese いい人生はいいことをすれば手に入る

Arabic حقق الخير في ذاتك

Turkish Yararlılığınızı Etkinleştirin

Hebrew לממש את הטוב שבך

Hindi आपकी अच्छाई को सक्रिय

Chinese 你的善意终将改变这个世界

Romanian Activează-ţi bunătatea

Portugese (Brazil) Ative Sua Bondade

Portugese (European) Portugal Fazer o Ben

Bengali आपकी अच्छाई को सक्रिय


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