Personal journey and vision for the future

In her book Birth – When the Spiritual and the Material Come Together (May 2009), Shari Arison recounts her personal journey and the choices she made with even greater determination along her personal path, leading the Arison Group in a powerful and decisive process aimed at realizing the vision of Doing Good.

In this first publication of Shari Arison's, she shares with readers the path she has traveled, spiritually, as a philanthropist and in the business sphere. The book reveals her insights regarding the essential connection between the two, and her vision as to the nature of the new world where the material and the spiritual are brought together.

Bringing about change

Shari Arison steps forward to tell us that we have the power within us to change for the  better, find harmony, and replace the old unworkable conventions with a new model for living, one that brings together the spiritual and the material and creates a better, brighter future for all of humanity.

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