Shari Arison leads the Arison Group, a global business and philanthropic group, which operates in 40 countries across five continents to realize the vision of Doing Good through values-based investments and social endeavors.

Arison Investments, the Arison Group's business arm, houses companies that provide responses for basic human needs of large populations, while yielding high financial returns. Shari Arison directs her businesses to maintain a diversified portfolio of ventures that have moral responsibility at their core. Arison Investments business companies include Bank Hapoalim, Shikun & Binui, Miya and Salt of the Earth.

The Ted Arison Family Foundation, founded by Shari Arison in Israel, comprises philanthropic organizations and vision ventures that are committed to making impactful social investments. Shari Arison’s philanthropic vision emphasizes personal commitment for making essential and positive change in society.  The Ted Arison Family Foundation philanthropic organizations include Ruach Tova, Essence of Life, All One, Good Deeds Day, Artport Tel-Aviv and Goodnet.

Efrat at work

Arison Investments
Through Arison Investments, the business arm of the Arison Group headed by Chairman and CEO Efrat Peled, it is possible to influence and bring about positive change on a global level, regardless of political and geographical borders.

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Jason at work

The Ted Arison Family Foundation
The philanthropic activity of the Ted Arison Family Foundation lead by Jason Arison, is our way of sharing with others the gift of giving, while being mindful of the needs of the community.

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