Through Arison Investments’ infrastructure company, Shikun & Binui, the Arison Group realizes the value of sustainability in eco-friendly infrastructure, progressive green-building and real estate projects.

Since 1924, Shikun & Binui has operated both in Israel and worldwide, involved in large-scale, complex environmental-consicious infrastructure and construction operations. It is also as a global provider of extensive PPP and concession services. Of its numerous projects, it has built the world’s largest desalination plant of its kind and the new freeway in Israel, mega-watt PV fields in Spain, a 300km highway and a new hydroelectric power plant in Guatemala, and countless bridges and new routes in Nigeria.

As the world faces challenges of the over-populated metropolises and the dwindling of precious resources, Shikun & Binui offers solutions that meet the needs of communities while maintaining equilibrium with the environment, causing minimal footprint and preserving the natural environment.

Shikun & Binui complies with leading eco standards (SAM, Breeam, LEED), and has relocated to a Leed Gold standard compliant office complex.

In 2013, it received the prestigious Green Globe award, as the only major company in its field that implemented significant sustainable solutions in its core business activities, making sustainability the leading component in its vision and decision making processes based on social, economic, and environmental considerations.

On Shikun & Binui's senior management, are Chairman Moshe Lahmani and CEO yaron karisi‬‏.

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