Arison Investments water company, Miya, was founded by Shari Arison with the vision of ensuring an abundance of fresh water, through efficient management of our cities' existing fresh water resources. By maximizing existing fresh water quantities and tapping into the abundance of water, Miya focuses on optimizing potable water supply in urban distribution systems worldwide

Water is a vital source of life to us all, yet more than a third of the world’s drinking water is lost from municipal supply systems, mainly due to undetected leaks underground. Effective water loss management is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to prevent such losses, improving the efficiency of urban water distribution systems. Miya ensures an abundance of water, through efficient management of our world's existing resources, efficiently bringing fresh water to millions of people worldwide.


It applies breakthrough technological innovation and advanced water utility management, while also being committed to allocating funds and lasting partnerships in water efficiency projects. Miya’s vision and know how are applied in major large scale urban water distribution systems in places such as the Philippines,  Brazil, South Africa and the Bahamas, salvaging water from undetected leakages to be reclaimed and channeled to millions of people more. For example, Miya's Manila project, in partnership with the local utility Mayniland, has culminated in savings of over 768 million liters (200 million gallons) of potable water every day, bringing fresh water to 2.6 million residents for the first time.

Miya’s far sighted approach centers on fostering morally responsible consumption of the existing vital fresh water resources. Instead of water production, it cultivates efficiency in use and management of existing water quantities, realizing the abundance of water worldwide.

Miya was awarded the prestigious IWA Project Innovation Award two years in a row (2013 and 2014), and shortlisted for the prestigious 2014 GWI Performance Initiative of the Year Prize, for its mega-scale projects in the Philippines and the Bahamas.

On Miya's senior management, are Chairman Meir Wietchner and CEO Amit Horman.

For more, checkout the Miya website.

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