Arison Investments, headed by Efrat Peled, operates to realize Shari’s business vision that integrates moral responsibility for affecting all three aspects: economy, society, and the environment. It views the universal challenges as an opportunity for values-based business innovations that exert a beneficial influence on Israel and the world.

Operating in dozens of countries over five continents worldwide, it holds a diversified portfolio. The company demonstrates a worldview of long term investments that combine substantial financial performance with sustainable moral responsibility. Its activities are directed towards high financial returns, while bringing about a new business reality that is foremost environmentally and socially responsible.

Arison Investments provides responses to universal human needs, deriving business potential as well as added value for the planet and society. As a business entity that invests in and impacts all vital facets of life, Arison Investments encourages and stimulates innovations ingrained with a clear vision of positive and moral responsibility in business.


Doing Good

Arison Investments companies
Arison Investments subsidiaries cater to the fundamental basic needs of large populations. Check out our business companies that improve lives.

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Efrat at work

Shari Arison’s business vision 
Shari Arison’s business vision states it is possible to influence and bring about positive change on a global level, regardless of political and geographical borders.

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