On International Good Deeds Day 2015, celebrated Sunday March 15, Efrat Peled, Chairman and CEO of Arison Investments, joined by Cassie Arison, member of the board at Arison Investments, took part in a volunteering activity at a school in Berlin together with the Chairman and the CEO of SBI (Shikun & Binui), part of the Arison Group.

Efrat Peled and Cassie Arison, who is the daughter of Good Deeds Day initiator Shari Arison, joined SBI Chairman Moshe Lahmani and SBI CEO Ofer Kotler for a Volunteering and Giving Happening at a public school in Berlin. Participating in the event were hundreds of students and 40 employees from ADO, SBI’s subsidiary in Germany.

“This is the fifth year in which employees from ADO, part of the SBI Group, participate on Good Deeds Day and volunteer for the benefit of the community in Berlin. This year, in addition to 400 students and teachers, guests and other business partners joined-in too, and together we created an educational project that promotes the values of giving and volunteering,” said Efrat Peled. “This activity marks the peak of the employees’ all-year-round community involvement, in collaboration with local nonprofits and social organizations. Good Deeds Day is an initiative that has swept business partners worldwide, to take active part in bringing about positive change,” she added.

930,000 people from 61 countries across the globe will participate on Good Deeds Day 2015, taking place in Italy, U.S.A, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, India, Panama, and more. Good Deeds Day 2015 participants will give together more than 3 million hours of volunteering worldwide.