Essence of Life radio station held an exclusive interview with Shari Arison upon the release of her new book Activate Your Goodness in Israel. She describes the two-year process of collecting stories, both personal and from others around the world, about the empowering energy of good deeds.

Shari Arison explains the book's aim is to show that doing good is simple, on all levels of life, and that each person can do a good deed in their own unique way. Even a smile is a good deed, as it imparts good vibes to others. Choosing to come from a loving and connecting standpoint, allows every person to be in tune with their inner self, while also being attentive to the others around them, and this creates a win-win situation that spreads goodness in the world.

Activate your goodness was first launched in the US in March 2013, and is now released in Hebrew and in Arabic in Israel. It became an instant New York Times bestseller, and a bestseller in Israel, and will be released in twenty different languages worldwide.